Support Groups

Our Chapters offer peer to peer support groups across the Province

Become a Chapter Leader

PCMH is recruiting Chapter Leaders to provide local peer to peer support

Response to Government

PCMH is very concerned about the decision that will eliminate a voice for our most vulnerable children

Improving the Lives of Families

PCMH is grounded in communities across Ontario; we provide families with direct knowledge and resources to help them navigate the mental health systems.

We understand that our children are always our children regardless of age and it is imperative for these families to know there is hope. 

PCMH provides a pathway to managing the suffering of mental health challenges.


We are the parents and families of children and youth who face mental health challenges.

We are dedicated to ensuring that children, youth and their families have access to all the   mental health services and community supports they need to minimize their suffering and achieve their personal potential

Working together - supporting each other we will be more effective in helping our children

Together we can challenge the stigmatization of mental illness, get the information we need, access services that are truly supportive, and build communities that are welcoming for our children

Together we can make a difference in the lives of our children, our families and our communities.